Thomas Y. Lee

Director of Data science

Research: Product Innovation, Health Care Services, Regulatory Analysis

Thomas Lee is Associate Adjunct Professor of Operations and Information Technology Management. In his research, he develops and applies text and sequence mining algorithms to identify and select opportunities for product and service innovation. His paper on mining consumer product reviews was a finalist for the Paul E. Green award for best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research. Before joining Berkeley-Haas, Lee was Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He received his PhD from the Engineering Systems Division at MIT.

Zsolt Katona

Faculty Director

Research: Online marketing, Search advertising, Network economics, Social networks

How do people adapt to organizational culture, and what are the consequences for their outcomes in the organization? These fundamental questions about culture have previously been examined using self-report measures, which are subject to reporting bias, rely on coarse cultural categories defined by researchers, and provide only static snapshots of cultural fit. By contrast, Srivastava and co-authors develop an interactional language use model that overcomes these limitations and opens new avenues for theoretical development about the dynamics of organizational culture. They trace the enculturation trajectories of employees in a midsized technology firm based on analyses of 10.24 million internal emails. The language-based model of changing cultural fit (1) predicts individual attainment; (2) reveals distinct patterns of adaptation for employees who exit voluntarily, exit involuntarily, and remain employed; (3) demonstrates that rapid early cultural adaptation reduces the risk of involuntary, but not voluntary, exit; and (4) finds that a decline in cultural fit for individuals who had successfully enculturated portends voluntary departure.

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