Jeremy Stanley

VP Data Science

Previously was Chief Data Scientist & EVP of Engineering at Sailthru, where we built data-driven solutions for marketers to drive long-term customer engagement and optimize revenue opportunities. As Chief Data Scientist, was responsible for the intelligence in the marketing personalization platform, which included prediction, recommendation and optimization algorithms. As EVP Engineering, led development, operations, database and engineering support teams, and partnered with the CTO to drive innovation and stability while scaling. Prior to Sailthru I was the CTO of Collective where I led a team of product managers, engineers and data scientists in creating technology platforms that used machine learning and big data to address challenging multi-screen advertising problems. Collective & technology enabled brand advertisers and their agencies to reach audiences intelligently across screens and formats. Specific products included causal attribution, multi-screen bridging, audience modeling, TV to digital coordination and high performance real time bidding. Prior to Collective, I founded and led the global markets analytics group at Ernst & Young (EY), which analyzed the firm’s markets, financial and personnel data to inform executive decision making. My background in data-driven technology products spans a decade consulting with numerous global financial services firms on predictive modeling applications as a leader in the customer analytics advisory practice at EY.

Dean Abbott

Dean Abbott Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ Applying data mining, data preparation, and data visualization methods to business and research problems since 1987. Data mining course instructor for wide variety of audiences, including analytics...

Michael Housman

Michael Housman Chief Scientific Officer, Human beings are poor decision makers. The field of behavioral economics has documented many cognitive biases - for example, over-confidence bias, loss aversion, outcome bias, hot hand fallacy - that influence...

Greg La Blanc

Gregory La Blanc Lecturer in Finance, Strategy, & Law Haas Finance Group Haas Economic Analysis & Policy Group Director of Data Science Initiative, IBI At Haas, Greg LaBlanc teaches primarily in the areas of finance and strategy in the MBA and MFE...